Sunrise Beach Photography

Up to 60 minutes • Photos while the sun rises over the ocean!

Couple - $195.00 + tax

High School Senior - $195.00 + tax

1 - 4 People - $195.00 + tax

5 - 8 People - $245.00 + tax

9 - 12 People - $295.00 + tax

13 - 16 People - $345.00 + tax

17 - 20 People - $395.00 + tax

21 - 30 People - $445.00 + tax

31 - 40 People - $545.00 + tax

41 - 50 People - $645.00 + tax

51 + People - $745.00 + tax

Capture great moments as the sunrises over the ocean.


  • Up to 60 minutes, with most shoots lasting about 45 minutes


Get your photo taken on the beautiful Hilton Head Island beach as the sun rises. We offer family photos, senior portraits and engagement photos!

You’ll get up to a 60 minute with the photographer. All of your photos will be professionally edited after your shoot, and then added to your online gallery where you can purchase prints or downloads, if you want all the high-resolution digital downloads the additional cost is $245. 

Time is based on the sunrise and is subject to change. Please be there 5 minutes before scheduled time.

What kind of Photos do we take

We usually start our shoots by the water and then move to the dunes as the sun rises. We do a full number of combinations including but not limited to the list below. Please keep in mind your photographer will ask what you are looking for, every shoot is different and we are looking to provide you with the photos you would want to hang over the fireplace.

  • Full group shot
  • Each individual family
  • Couples
  • Kids
  • Grandparents with grandkids
  • Sitting and Standing in the dunes
  • Walking on the beach
  • Looking out to the ocean
  • We also try to keep the last few minutes to get fun candid shots of the kids and family.

What’s Included

  • Up to a 60 minute professional photography session

  • 25-75 edited images from the shoot uploaded to a private online gallery for easy viewing. The number of photos depends on your family size, number of people and what kind of photos you are looking for. We focus on good quality photos not hundreds of photos you will never want to hang on your wall.

  • Option to purchase prints or digital downloads directly from your online gallery.

  • You can purchase all of the high-resolution digital downloads for an additional cost of $245. 

Have questions? Check out our FAQ page.

Things to know

  • Please keep in mind at the beach there will be wind, sand and water. We have no control over the natural environment of the location. Please dress for the beach location.

  • We schedule the shoot time based on the sunrise, if you are late you will miss the best shots of your shoot. You will not be given a refund or discount because you arrive late.

  • If weather is an issue we will reach out to you, please keep in mind weather conditions change a lot on Hilton Head.

  • If we need to cancel because of weather we will try and reschedule you, if we are not able to find a time that works for both of us you will receive a full refund.

Booking Notes

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